Collection of Original Photographs, U.S. Navy, 1930s-1950

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A nice collection of images, all U.S. Navy, came together so will be sold together. The two larger ones measure approx. 255mm x 205mm, the smaller is approx. 92mm square.  Details as follows;

1. An official U.S. Navy photograph of the U.S.S. Downes, photographed in 1937, but apparently cleared for release in 1950.

2. An undated image of the U.S.S. General William A Mann, active between 1943 and 1966, deterioration around the edges.

3. A photograph of two Navy sailors, with an older lady, presumably their mother.  Text on the front that may say 'Father Bill;, with more text on the rear reading; 'Father Bill Maguire, Anita's brother after ? was chaplain in Navy in WW1'.