Original American World War Two Paperwork Grouping, ETO

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An original World War Two paperwork grouping.

The lot comprises;

1. A piece of wrapping paper from a parfumeur in Paris, Orbel.

2. Page 1 and 2 of the Wilmington News, dated 28 July 1944 with an article pencil highlighted regards the closure of Camp Davis Anti-Aircraft station.

3. Three pieces of V-Mail, two with envelopes, from S/Sgt Clifton Schroeder or Sgt R. J. Schroeder (Russ), all written to their sister Miss Betty Schroeder of Arlington, Mass. Dated September 9 1944, October 12. 1944 (sent from France), and post war June 3rd 1945 in which he described living 'the life of riley'.  Presumably sent from France or Germany.

4. A newspaper clipping showing Clifton as "Joseph" in an amateur production of the Nativity.

5. A hand written letter from Russ Schroeder again to Miss Betty Schroeder dated 23 April 1944.  Talks about money in England, different words used and trips out.

6. A handwritten love letter on U.S. Army headed paper and a Valentine's Card, signed from "H" or "Honey".  Apparently written by a married soldier to his girlfriend.  Was Betty Schroeder his girlfriend?

7. Two pages torn out of a magazine with the main article relating to the destruction in Aachen.