Original World War Two Era American M1938 Wire Cutter Pouches

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Just arrived and obtained directly from the US, we have a number of M1938 Wire Cutter pouches.  All are in good condition, light soiling as would be expected.  This is for the pouch only.

Distinguishing marks are as follows (manufacturer shown in brackets);

Pouch 1 - Maker marked J. S. &. Co. 1942

Pouch 2 - Maker marked Hoff Mfg. 1942

Pouch 3 - Maker marked Scott Mfg Co. 1942

Pouch 4 - Maker marked J. S. &. Co. 1942

Pouch 5 - Maker marked R.M.T. Co. 1942

Pouch 6 - Maker marked R.M.T. Co. 1942, also bears name "F. R. Krall", written in pen.

Pouch 7 - Maker marked Hoff Mfg. 1942