British Arm of Service Strips

Excellent quality reproduction arm of service strips.  These have been meticulously designed by ourselves and our manufacturer, utilising original examples, in order to produce a very close replica. 

The strips are machine sewn on felt, with either red or off white thread and a close match 'cheesecloth' backing. The style of stitching has been closely mimicked and the edges of the felt 'roughed' slightly to reflect the fact the originals were hand cut and not laser cut like modern manufacturing techniques would dictate.

The coloured strip itself exactly matches the size of the original specification (ACI (Army Council Instruction) 1118) at 51mm long by 6.4mm although as was common with British insignia during the War, there are many variations.  The felt backing can be cut down further to suit.

Sold in pairs.

At present we have the following available;

  • Infantry (solid red) – 1, 2 or 3 bars, representing senior, intermediate or junior brigade within the division
  • Rifles (solid dark green)
  • Royal Engineers (red/blue)
  • Royal Artillery (blue/red)
  • Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (blue/yellow/red - reflecting the fact they were an amalgamation, begun in 1942, of the maintenance elements of the Royal Army Ordnance Corps, Royal Engineers, Royal Corps of Signals, Royal Army Service Corps and the Royal Artillery)
  • Royal Armoured Corps (red/yellow)
  • Royal Army Service Corps (blue/yellow)
  • Royal Corps of Signals (white/blue)
  • Pioneer Corps (green/red)
  • Royal Army Ordnance Corps (dark blue before February 1943, red/blue/red after February 1943)
  • Royal Army Medical Corps (dull cherry)
  • Royal Army Pay Corps (yellow before December 1943, yellow/blue/yellow after December 1943)
  • Army Physical Training Corps (black/red/black)
  • Royal Army Chaplains Department (black before being changed to purple)
  • Army Dental Corps (green/white)
  • Army Educational Corps (Cambridge (light) blue)
  • Army Catering Corps (grey/yellow)
  • Reconnaissance (green/yellow)
  • Parachute Regiment (light blue/dark blue)
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