Original American World War Two Grouping, 468th Bomb Group, 20th Air Force, Log Books etc.

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An extensive paperwork/patch/ephermera grouping that belonged to John R. Williams.  Comprises;

1. 22 World War Two era Pacific Theatre photographs, mainly showing life on their airfield including some with a B-29. This is a B-29 from production block 40 and this ties up with the serial displayed which looks like 44-61681. This aircraft served with the 468th Bomb Group during the war, before crashing in the Libyan desert in 1954 with 3 of the 11 occupants being killed.

2. A patch and ribbon set including Air Medal, American Defense Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Distinguised Flying Cross ribbon and National Defense ribbon, AAF Patch and 20th Air Force Patch.

3. A beautiful silk escape map of the Harbin, China on one side and part of Manchuria, USSR on the other side dated 1944.

4. A newspaper, copy of the Albion Advertiser dated 23 August 1945, just after VJ-Day.

5. A pilot's license from 1951, which was originally issued in 1949 showing Williams qualified to fly single and multi-engined aircraft, as well as being a qualified flying instructor.

6. A 'Quiet Birdmen' membership card, a secretive club for male aviators, established in 1921.

7. A Lycoming engine operations manual.

8. Two pilot's civilian log books covering the periods August 1947 to October 1951 and August 1960 to May 1980.

9. A 1956 dated U. S. Air Force Reserve ID Card