Original World War One American Grouping, Including Victory Medal, 114th Corps of Engineers

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A lovely collection of items, all belonging to the same man; Master Sergeant C. Sedgwick Moss.  The grouping comprises;

1. His two clasp Victory Medal, Meuse-Argonne and Defensive Sector, with ribbon bar having two battle stars.

2. Two period photographs, one with 'Dad' written on the reverse.

3. A lovely wool felt M/Sgt rank stripe.

4. World War One era enlisted Corps of Engineers collar dog.  An Officer's one is also present.

5. What may be a 2nd World War U.S. Officer's collar dog.

6. Three 'bring-back' French coins.

7. Five commemorative badges and medals, all historic and near-period issue.

8. A pair of Great War dog tags, confirming the receipient's service number of 762280.

I understand the 114th Engineers were a Sapper unit and were attached to the 39th Infantry Division. Sedgwick belonged to Company A and information on Ancestry shows he sailed from the US on 22 August 1918 aboard the Wilhelmina. He returned on the Imperator on 7 July 1919. 

Interestingly enough Ancestry also has paperwork showing that Sedgwick was related to Civil War Veteran Daniel van Voorhees, who was a Lieutenant in Captain James Chambers's 3rd Regiment, Middlesex County, New Jersey.

There are also draft papers showing that Sedgwick signed up again, in 1942, aged 51.