Original World War Two Brodie Helmet, Type II, ARP Warden

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An original British Brodie helmet.  This is the Mk.2.,referred in it's entirety as Helmet, Steel, Mk.II, No.2.

The Brodie helmet was standardised during the First World War, but continued in use until well into the later stages of the Second World War.

This helmet is the Mk.2, introduced around 1938 and bearing more or less identical to the Mk.I, but differing in the chin strap and method of chin strap attachment.  Later Mk.2s had a different liner.

The helmet does not have any drill holes on the rim adjacent the chin strap bales.  Helmets graded for combat use did not have any holes present (although some were used on the Home Front).  Those with one or two holes present indicated manufacturing defects, and whilst being of use for the military, not suitable for combat. The next lowest grade was with three holes, indicating a lower grade of steel.  At the bottom of the quality range was a Brodie with four drill holes.  Helmets of three and four drill hole quality were reserved for Home Front use, firewatchers and the like.

This helmet had a slightly deteriorated black paint finish with hand painted white W's to front and rear.


The maker mark is just visible and is believed to be R. O. and Co. for Rubery Owen Company Limited of Leeds. The year of manufacture is stamped 1939.