Original American Ike Jacket, Dual Badged 82nd Airborne, 3 Purple Hearts

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An amazing dual badged Ike, believed to be the post-war, probably M-1950 pattern.  I have been over and over the tunic, inside and out and checked stitching, the patches and the ribbon rack with a black light and found no modern 'glowing' thread whatsoever.  The tunic is furnished with;

1. U.S. and Infantry collar dogs, with flat back clutches, denoting World War Two era,

2. A 'Follow Me' infantry school patch on the left shoulder,

3. A one-piece 82nd Airborne patch.  The area between the tab and main patch is not cut out, it is an OD cotton twill.  Believed to be German/Occupation made,

4. A hand sewn DUC with 1 x Oak Leaf Cluster,

5. Matching green back felt M/Sgt stripes,

6. A BB&B Jump Wing, marked Sterling but believed to be more modern than the tunic and a cast rather than die struck. However the tunic has been specially tailored with eyelets to allow the jump wing to be fastened to the pocket flap without pushing the mounting pin through the fabric,

7. A single piece ribbon rack/CIB, hand sewn and of particular note comprises a bullion made Combat Infantryman Badge, a Bronze Star with V for Valor device, a Purple heart with two Oak Leaf Clusters, one Arrowhead and four Campaign Star on the EAME and Occupation Medal,

8. Five Service Stripes denoting 15 years service and seven Overseas Bars denoting 3 1/2 years abroad,

9. A red and green Belgian fourragere,

Size marked 40L and stamped N5 but no name or laundry number anywhere on the tunic.