Original World War Two Grouping, 8th Air Force, 487th Bomb Group, Armourer and Tail Gunner

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An extensive grouping of medals, badges and paperwork for a GI who served at Lavenham with the 487th Bomb Group and went on to make a career in the Air Force.

The group comprises;

1. Photographs of William Hawkins, the war time one being a paper copy,

2. A post World War Two dog tag to William Hawkins,

3. An American Campaign Medal, an EAME medal, a World War II Victory Medal and a cased Army ribbon Commendation Medal,

4. Hawkins' extensive ribbon rack, which he can be seen wearing in the photo of him in Air Force blues,

5. Three badges, or name plates,

6. 'Hawkins' uniform name tape,

7. A bracelet that appears to have belonged to his wife Helen.

Hawkins was born in 1922 in Owensville, MO, and served over 30 years in the Air Force.  He ended his army career as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Alaske State Defense Force, having arrived in Alaska in 1970.

He earned degrees in social service and business administration. After his military service he opened his own business working with Alaska Railroad Sales Stores.  He joined Elmendorf Air Force Base Retiree Activites Office and was a Deputy Director here at the time of his death.

Screenshots attached to the listing showing his position as an Armourer and Tail Gunner with the 487th. This paperwork also confirms he flew as Armourer/Gunner on a B-17, was in charge of maintenance of guns and bomb racks while in flight.