Replica 1914 Mons Star (With Clasp)

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Reproduction 1914 "Mons" Star as awarded to British and some allied forces for service during the First World War. This medal is a reproduction of the full size medal. You can order with or without the clasp (5th August - 22nd November 1914), which will sent along with the medal so you stitch to the ribbon if you so wish.  The clasp is British made by an approved Ministry of Defence contractor and falls into our "Premium Quality" replica collection.

The medal is ideal to help create a tribute to a family member who served and saves having priceless originals on display for 'anyone' to see. We also have a selection of other medals for sale, both reproduction and original medals.

This medal was awarded to those who served in any theatre, between 5 August 1914 and November 1914.