Reproduction A-2 Leather Flight Jackets, American Army Air Force, World War Two Era

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These are our freshly designed A-2 leather Flight Jackets.  We have relied heavily upon genuine A-2s and reference material and an example has been provided to our manufacturer, as we always do with our own designs.  Doing this allows our manufacturer to find a much closer match for the colour and feel of the materials used, as well as the cut of the jackets. Being cut to wartime patterns, the original A-2 jackets are quite short in the body and tight across the shoulders.  Bear in mind with a higher waistband than usual on a more modern cut, this will sit just below the belly button.  Therefore if you require a roomier fit, we'd recommend ordering a size larger than you usually would.

Our reproductions have a horse-hide leather shell dyed to a seal brown colour.  This has specifially been selected by us due to the thickness of the leather, which is often missing on some of the cheaper A-2s on the market and 'fashion jackets', which use a thinner leather. This gives the jacket a nice heavy feel. Some of the jackets are already beginning to show nice patina and graining.

The lining has been dyed to the correct colour (one of many 'correct' colours) and is 100% cotton, with the wrist cuffs and waistband being wool. The following points should also be noted;

1. The hook and eye of the throat closure is correct and has been custom made for this order.

2. Pop studs present in the correct places beneath the collar.

3. Inspectors stamps and label to the lining, copied from an original jacket, as has the leather hanging loop, stitched through the back of the jacket.

4. Single piece back.

5. Accurate stitching to the epaulettes, and correct positioning of the shoulder seam behind the epaulette (although this did vary by manufacturer).

6. No slit pockets behind the front pockets, which are the correct size and have a realistic flap shape.

Available in sizes 40" to 50" - please see sizing chart in the images.

Our model is also wearing a Hornbeam Militaria unpiped garrison cap, available here -