Jump Wings Oval, 504th PIR, 82nd Airborne Division

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Excellent quality reproduction jump wing ovals, worn behind the jump wings on dress uniforms, with different colour combinations representing difference Infantry Regiments.  This insignia has been reproduced specifically for Hornbeam Militaria and was created using a couple of original, from which we have copied the size and most importantly the shape.  Post War ovals were more like a race track, with top and bottom of the oval being parralel.  Earlier WW2 examples were shaped more like a rugby or American football.

Measures correct size of 61mm x 37mm. Sew on, being a cotton twill backing with cotton thread edges. At present we have the following variations available -

325th Glider Infantry Regiment - 82nd Airborne - White on Dark Blue

327th Glider Infantry Regiment - 101st Airborne - Gold on Black

502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment - 101st Airborne - Light Blue on Dark Blue, sometimes seen with colours reversed

504th Parachute Infantry Regiment - 82nd Airborne - Gold on Dark Blue

505th Parachute Infantry Regiment - 82nd Airborne - Red on Dark Blue

506th Parachute Infantry Regiment - 101st Airborne - White on Red/White/Blue