Army Commandos and Royal Marines Shoulder Titles

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Excellent quality reproduction shoulder titles.  These have been meticulously designed by ourselves and our manufacturer, utilising original examples, in order to produce a very close replica. 

The titles are machine sewn on felt. The style of stitching has been closely mimicked and the edges of the felt 'roughed' slightly to reflect the fact the originals were hand cut and not laser cut like modern manufacturing techniques would dictate.

At present we have the following available;

  • No.1 Commando
  • No.2 Commando
  • No.3 Commando
  • No.4 Commando
  • No.5 Commanco
  • No.6 Commando
  • No.7 Commando
  • No.8 Commando
  • No.9 Commando (red on black, representing later War)
  • No.9 Commando (white on black, representing early War)
  • No.10 Commando
  • No.11 Commando
  • No.12 Commando
  • Twelve Commando (gold on green, one of many Twelve Commando variations
  • Twelve Commando (gold on black, as above)
  • 1 Medical Commando
  • Commando (white on black, likely representing various uses, most notably be the Free Polish and French forces serving with No.10 Commando. This pattern is also noted as being worn by Royal Marines Commandos).
  • Royal Marines Commando
  • Royal Marines

Sold singularly, so add two to the basket if one is required for each arm.  Also perfect for shadow boxes and framed displays.  

Other listings we have include shoulder titles for Army Corps such as Royal Engineers and Royal Artillery and numerous infantry units.