Original American World War Two Air Medal Grouping, 8th Air Force, 453rd Bomb Group

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An extensive medal and paperwork grouping to an air gunner who served with the 453rd Bomb Group at Old Buckenham, part of the US 8th Air Force.  The grouping is attributed to Dale W. Buschman (35552188).  Comprises;

1. Two Air Medals, both un-named, *slot brooch denoting World War Two manufacture, with one original wooden built Air Medal box. Complete with original Restricted paperwork, confirming when in theatre he was with the 453rd and that he was awarded the Air Medal on 4 January 1945 for meritorious achievement in accomplishing with distinction, several aerial operational missions over enemy occupied Continental Europe.

The award is also confirmed on a newspaper cutting which confirms Buschman was 'Engineer-Gunner' aboard the B-24 Be-Coming Back, a printout picture of which is also included. This shows he arrived in England in October 1944, and enlisted March 1943.

Buschman collected a couple of other cuttings from 1945 about 1,200 and 1,250 ship raids, which presumably he took part in.

2. Three patches, a beautifully constructed but heavily discoloured bullion AAF patch, a felt made AAF patch and an unusual 8th Air Force patch, may be reproduction.

3. A number of photographs, including Buschman in training, a unit photograph posing in front of two B-24s, taken in the UK. There is also a shot of B-24s in flight, stamped on the rear, "PASSED FOR PERSONAL USE, THEATRE CENSOR ETOUSA, 31 JAN 1945", the subject of the photograph being a 453rd ship.  Also, two photos of a destroyed bridge in Bonn.

4. Original documentation showing Buschman's vaccination records, his Physical Record card, pre-printed parcel labels showing his progress from Pvt to T/Sgt and eventual Stateside posted at Sioux Falls Air Base, as part of the 706th Bomb Sq., 446th Bomb Group.  Other paperwork in the group, as per point 1 and 3 above, appears to show he was transferred to the 453rd

5. A set of later war, clutch back aerial gunners wings, Sterling marked.

6. A small B-24 pin back badge.

7. "Ruptured Duck" buttonhole.

8. Piece of V-Mail to Mrs Buschman confirming she should no longer contact him using the 446th details and new details will be provided in due course. Presumably this is at the time of his transfer to the 453rd.  In envelope but this is dated June 6 1945, so well after he is already confirmed in the 453rd, so this is certainly not the original envelope this piece of V-Mail was sent in and indeed has someone else surname and service number on the front (James, 4845034).

9. Information taken from the web, confirming that Dale was very sadly killed in a car accident in 1955.  He was rushing to meet his wife from work and collided with a truck.  His wife remarried and passed away in 2020. 

For the avoidance of doubt, the footlocker is not part of the sale.