Original Vietnam War Air Medal, Helicopter Door Gunner and Prominent Anti-War Campaigner

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A crimp brooch Air Medal, bearing a '6' numeral, original drape with ribbon and medal being in good condition, named to David W. Dorey.

When Dorey arrived in Vietnam he initially served as an infantryman with Lt. William Calley's company, Calley of the infamous My-Lai massacre (C Company, 1st Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment), before becoming a helicopter door gunner.

Dorey describes in a newspaper article (see pictures) how he became more and more disillusioned with the war, eventually refusing to fight.  He was sent back to the US within 23 hours of this statement, but was not court martialled, as he was regarded as a 'war hero', having four decorations for valor and several others for meritorious service (presumably being the subject Air Medal).

Whilst still in the army and stationed in the US, he began organising an anti-war publication called 'Left Face', along with other disilluisioned soldiers. He turned to Marxism, the radical left and after the war, taught teenagers about the war, many of whom did not even realise the US had lost the war.