Original World War One American General Pershing's Report on Operations

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A collection of maps and a detailed account of American operations during the Great War.  This pack was put together by General Pershing and distributed across the Army in late 1918 to early 1919.

Lot comprises two large maps, detailing the Meuse Argonne offensive and the St Mihiel Salient Offensive, as well as a pamphlet written by Pershing detailing operations.  Complete with the original envelope it was issued in, which seems to bear a hand-written note that this pack was distributed to the Commanding Officer of the 113th Mobile O.R.S.  I suspect this is the 113th Mobile Ordnance Repair Shop, but it is also stamped U.S.A.P.O. 716, which relates to Base Laboratory, Base Section No. 5, that worked alongside hospitals and the medical corps. This is also stamped on the envelope.