Original World War Two American B-3 Flight Jacket, Large Size 44, H. Bernstein and Co

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A genuine US B-3 flight jacket, which was the standard shearling flying jacket in use by the American Army Air Forces during World War Two.  The jacket is in a large 44R size, with the label showing Contract Number 42-18654-P.  Whilst it is not stated, I understand this contract was awarded to H. Bernstein and Co, being one of the better quality manufacturers of flight gear, who also produced D-1 jackets, the Overcoat, Parka Type and Trousers, Combat, Winter, Armoured Force Type III.

The jacket is in reasonable condition for the age and displays well.  Remnants of AAF decal on left shoulder. Aside from the usual slight drying out of the leather, that would benefit from conditioning, the following issues noted;

1. The original Talon zip is corroded and does not function. Verdigris showing to the zip and pop studs under the collar. Small leather tab added at the bottom of the zip, presumably to strengthen a slight tear (can be seen adjacent the zipper itself in the photos),

2. The stitching on one of the waist tabs has perished and so part of the tab is loose (pictured),

3. Dry and slightly holed leather under the collar, as these are very prone to,

4. The most noticeable issue is the split along the rear left shoulder.  This split does appear to have occured along a seam, and I've been quoted £150 for a specialist repair using a seam taken from a near destroyed B-6 jacket, but please make your own enquiries, 

5. Small, circa 1 inch split in front of the right arm.

Priced accordingly, this would be £800+ in this wearable size without these issues.