Original World War Two American Combat Medic Grouping

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A lovely grouping belonging to Paul Feltenstein, born 1907 in Chicago.  He enlisted on 29 June 1942.  The grouping comprises;

1. Two matching notched dog tags, 1943 and 1944 Tetanus dated, chain broken on the longer one,

2. A matching pair of First Sergeant stripes,

3. An unnamed Good Conduct medal, slot brooch, with buttonhole and small strip of extra ribbon, loose second award bronze clasp,

4. Screw back U.S. and Detached Enlisted Man's collar dogs,

5. A Combat Medics badge, pin back, not maker marked,

6. A pair of 12th United States Army Group patches, 

7. A pin back U.S. Military Civilian ribbon bar.

Feltenstein died in October 1977.