Named to a Casualty, Original World War Two Era American Canteen, Cup and Cover, 104th Infantry Division

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A complete World War Two period set of canteen, cup and water bottle cover.

The canteen cover is dated 1942 and was produced by J. W. Johnson and Co. Very good condition.

The cup is dated 1944 and made by B. E. Co.

The canteen is the M-1942 horizontal seam type, made by Vollrath and 1944 dated.  Named on the front to E. White, s/n 42083407. This is Earl White, who enlisted at Fort Dix, New Jersey in 1944.

He is recorded on Fold3 as having served with the 414th Infantry Regiment, as part of the 104th "Timberwolves" Infantry Division, and is noted as being Killed in Action on the 28th January 1945.  He was buried in Plot P of the Netherland American Cemetery at Margraten.

I have not been able to find a huge amount of information as to what the Division were doing at the time, but understand the following a prolonged push into Germany, at the time of Earl's death, they were holding a sector near Duren, north west Germany.