Original World War Two Era Grouping, 101st Airborne Division

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A nice group, unattributed aside from the name 'Dixie'.  The grouping comprises;

1. A cigarette lighter, bearing the screaming eagle and '101st Airborne Division' on one side and 'Fort Campbell, Kentucky' on the other side, together with the hand engraved name 'Dixie'. On the base of the lighter is 'O. S. C. Overseas Service Corp, Japan'. The 101st have been at Fort Campbell since 1956.

2. A screaming eagles clutch back badge, post World War Two. 

3. A lovely original Airborne Command patch, OD twill backing with attached Airborne tab.

4. A 101st Airborne patch, no tab. The patch is cut edge, not later merrowed edge, I believe this to be a Type 10 or Type 14 'scribble eye' patch, produced between 1944 and the Vietnam war.