Premium Quality Replica 1939/45 War Medal British Made, Nickel Plate, Die Struck, WW2

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This listing is for our premium quality version of the Defence Medal. This reproduction differs from the standard medal we offer because;

1. The medal is cupro-nickel plated, just like the originals and not a zinc alloy like our standard listing. The weight is therefore closer to the originals

2. It is made by a British manufacturer who are approved by the Ministry of Defence. They are involved in the production of currently issued military medals.

3. The medal is die struck and not created using an injection mould. This process means that as well as perfect detailing, the contours of the medals are more sharp and clean cut.

4. It is as close to an original medal as you will be able to purchase, but will be as they were originally issued, not discoloured or weathered. This is a reproduction of the full size medal.

The medal will be supplied with a suitable length of ribbon that is also British made and of better quality that some of the foreign made alternatives and again, made by one of the firms approved to make ribbon for current MoD medals. The medal is ideal to help create a tribute to a family member who served and saves having priceless originals on display for anyone to see. The replica is also not attributed to another soldier, you can proudly call it your relative's 'own'. This medal was awarded to citizens of the British Commonwealth for both operational military service during World War II.