Replacement Knits/Cuffs for American Jackets...A-2, B-10, B-15, G-2, Tankers...Seven Colours

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Replacement knit cuffs for a variety of American flight jackets, in five different colours to suit.  The original jackets are quite often found with moth bites and nips to the original wool cuffs, or in some instances, literally falling apart with age.  Within the collection at Hornbeam Towers we've got a B-15 jacket and when attepting to find replacement cuffs, we came up against a brick wall - so we decided to get some made.

The cuffs are available in Sage Green, Rust, Light Brown, Medium Brown and Dark Brown.  We have recently added two additional colours, Medium Green and a Dark Green.  There were many variations on the original jackets and so we've made a few different colours to suit.

You are buying a complete set of three items, being two cuffs and one waist band.  The wrist cuffs measure around 85mm from top to bottom, and the waist band 1,020mm (40 inches) long by 80mm top to bottom.  Stretches out considerably for larger jackets and can be cut down if need be. The wrist cuffs are usually sewn in between the jacket and liner, so you can have less than the full size visible, and for this reason they are slightly over-sized.